Revolving door drilling

2019-06-21 13:14:05

Pinweike Bend Factory

  A rotary door column threaded hole drilling device, comprising: a lower frame, an upper frame, and a connecting bracket connecting the upper frame and the lower frame, and a moving drill device, wherein the connecting bracket is provided with a driving motor, the driving motor a lateral arrangement, the output shaft is connected to one end of the screw, the other end of the screw is connected to the bearing seat, the bearing seat is disposed on the lower frame, the upper frame is provided with a lateral rail, and the lower end of the moving bit device slides with the lateral rail Connecting, the moving bit device is screwed to the lead screw through a threaded driving block, and the lead screw passes through the thread driving block, and the driving motor rotates to drive the screw to rotate, thereby driving the moving bit device to move laterally, to be processed The revolving door column is fixed to the upper frame along the direction of the screw setting.