The bending and bending technique of the aluminum alloy profile bending!

2019-06-20 17:00:33

  The bending of the aluminum alloy profile adopts the cold bending process in the bending and bending, and the cold bending process of the industrial aluminum profile bending and bending processing manufacturer can bend the cross section of various aluminum alloy profiles. Almost all sections of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal profiles and pipes can be made into curved pipes.

  It can be formed at one time by spraying, electrophoresis and electroplating. With the relative bending radius allowed, the inner wall of the elbow will not wrinkle and the cross section will not be distorted. The bending can effectively eliminate the residual stress inside the curved pipe material, and the product dimensional stability is good.

  The bending of the aluminum alloy profile is improved by the cold work of the metal material, and the material can be improved after the bending. It can bend a variety of curved shapes. In addition to bending normal standard arcs, it can also bend U-shaped elbows, S-shaped elbows, W-shaped, elliptical, parabolic, arc-shaped straight segments, tapered curves, and There are a variety of non-standard bends with a complex curve shape such as a radius on the curve.