How to solve the surface damage of aluminum profiles?

2019-06-20 17:00:03

  Taiyuan aluminum profile bending and bending manufacturers said the main reasons for the surface damage of aluminum profiles:

  1 The surface of the ingot is attached with impurities or segregation of the ingot composition. When there is a large amount of segregation float on the surface of the ingot and the ingot is not homogenized or the effect of homogenization is not good, there is a certain amount of hard metal particles in the ingot, and the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process. These segregation floats or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the work belt or cause damage to the work belt, eventually causing scratches on the surface of the profile;

  2 There is debris in the mold cavity or work belt, and the hardness of the working belt of the mold is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured during the extrusion and the profile is scratched;

  3 There are bare metal or graphite strips on the discharge track or pendulum bed with hard inclusions, which cause scratches on the surface of the profile when it comes into contact with the profile;

  4 When the fork rod is sent from the discharge rail to the swinging bed, the profile is scratched due to the excessive speed;

  5 caused a scratch on the bed by artificially dragging the profile;

  6 During the transportation process, the profiles are rubbed or squeezed together to cause damage.


  1 Strengthen the control of the quality of the ingot;

  2 Improve the quality of the mold, the mold is periodically nitrided and the nitriding process is strictly performed;

  3 Separate the profile from the auxiliary tool with soft felt to minimize contact damage between the profile and the accessory;

  4 Handle with care, try to avoid dragging or flipping the profiles at will;

  5 Reasonably place the profiles in the material frame to avoid rubbing each other.