Taiyuan bending machine daily maintenance work!

2019-06-20 16:58:55

  Taiyuan bending machine can be divided into rotary bending machine and double-arm bending machine and various special bending machines. The heavy-duty machine will have a serious wear effect when used for a long time. This site is a small series to explain the daily maintenance work of Taiyuan bending machine!

  External maintenance

  1. Wipe the appearance of the machine and the protective cover to ensure internal and external cleaning.

  2, wipe the accessories, clean around the machine

  3, the surface of the machine tool and the dead angle to do the paint to see the true color, iron see light

  Electrical control

  1. Is the electrical box intact and damaged?

  2. Whether the electrical components are adjusted and replaced in time

  3. Is the wiring between the electrical components intact?

  4. Is the operation of the main motor safe and reliable, with or without abnormal heat and abnormal noise?

  5. Is the numerical control device able to input accurately?

  6. Is the CNC system running accurately and can guarantee the accuracy requirements?

  Lubricating device

  1. Is the lubricating oil in each lubrication part sufficient?

  2. Is the oil circuit and the oil cup filled with the oil of the corresponding specification?

  3. Is the conduction of the valve body flexible, with or without blockage?

  4. Is the filter device cleaned in time?


  1. Is the placement of the blanks reasonable, safe and reliable?

  2. Is the placement of various materials reasonable?

  3. Is the foot switch cover safe and reasonable?


  1. Is the upper and lower tool movement normal and flexible?

  2. Check and adjust the parallelism between the upper slider and the table

  3. Check and adjust the direct control balance valve to prevent the upper slider from sliding down.

  The above is the basic maintenance method for Taiyuan bending machine. If you have any questions, please contact Hohhot Jinyu Profile Pulling Co., Ltd., which has become the largest and most professional high-precision and high-precision fine bending expert in Northwest China. . Look forward to working with you!