Precautions for Hohhot Trad processing!

2019-06-20 16:58:27

  In the bending and bending process of Hohhottra bending processing plant, springback is an important factor to be considered in the design of the mold. The final forming of the bending member is largely affected by the amount of springback after forming. The rebound is mainly manifested by the overall unloading rebound and trimming rebound. When the amount of rebound exceeds the allowable value, it is a forming defect, which affects the geometric accuracy of the bent part.

  Note for Hohhot Trad processing:

  1. The outer side wall of the profile bending deformation zone is thin and thin;

  2. The sidewall thickness of the profile is increased and wrinkled in the bending deformation zone;

  3. Distortion of cross-sectional shape;

  4, rebound.