Pay attention to electric safety in profile bending and bending!

2019-06-20 16:56:48

  The product micro-pull bending net believes that the safety problem in the profile bending process is in the first place, so the power safety problem in the bending process is as follows. I hope that all walks of life pay attention to the power safety problem in life!

  First, the insulator circuit always has a joint connection. Do not touch it! If an external auxiliary power cord socket has been assembled, it is not allowed to touch. Only professional personnel are allowed to open the power accessories.

  Second. Before using the machine, the voltage of all transformers is changed to the voltage that is suitable for the local operation of the machine. WARNING! Connect the main insulation switch in the electrical box before the machine is sent from the manufacturer.

  Third, the power supply of the machine must be three-phase power supply and grounded in accordance with local electrical codes.

  Fourth, the machine must be completely isolated from the power source before any electrical box is opened. The machine's three-phase power main switch must be turned off and clearly marked on the machine, within the operator's operating area.

  Fifth, the main power switch must be locked in a closed position with a relatively stable device. Please note that even if the main insulation is closed, the total line supply power entering is still present.

  Sixth. The marking of the power supply should be displayed on the machine and control box to warn the staff working in the power system.