The key technology in the process of industrial aluminum bending and bending!

2019-06-20 16:55:46

  An indispensable part of the industrial aluminum bending process is also a key part of the enticing technology! Each method of the current bending and bending process of the Hohhot Trad Factory considers different methods for preventing the formation of the ellipse; for example, when the wrinkle-free elbow is heated under heating conditions, the sand is densely packed inside the pipe, so that Prevent the tube from forming an ellipse when bent. Ordinary presses can reach dozens of beats per minute per minute, while high pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. According to the production process, high-pressure elbows can be divided into: welding elbows, punching elbows, casting elbows, etc. Today we mainly look at the IF elbow to see what its material is, and see what kind of comprehensive performance it has.

  It is well known that pipe bending process is elastoplastic bending, and the bending angle will become smaller, the pipe axis becomes longer and the bending radius becomes larger. Medium frequency elbows, in order to improve corrosion resistance and weldability, appropriately increase the appropriate amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., the weldability is better than the intermediate frequency bend. For the hook, it is often necessary for the heavy object to stay in midair for a period of time (such as when the weight is translated in the air), while the variable frequency speed control system can stop the heavy object, but it is easily interfered by external factors (such as panning often occurs) Power failure), seamless bending reliability is poor. Base speed: The back EMF is generated when the motor is running, and the back EMF is usually proportional to the speed.

  First of all, the enthusiasm mentioned by the bend factory is just a kind of process. Simply speaking, it is a method of making a medium frequency bend, which is formed by a hot boring process. Therefore, the hot bend of the bend factory is also called a medium frequency bend. Its production process belongs to the scope of thermal expansion.