Profile bending process for rolling sheet!

2019-06-20 16:37:31

  The profile bending and bending factory mainly uses the bending and bending machine to do the specific bending and bending operation. The profile bending machine is a relatively advanced profile forming equipment at home and abroad, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel structure, machinery manufacturing, etc. The production of various round flanges in the industry. The profile bending machine can complete the pre-bending, rounding and rounding process of the profile at one time; the profile bending machine has advanced structure and full functions, and can be placed or placed horizontally according to the user's use.

  Let's talk about how the profile bending machine rolls the sheet:

  1. Place the steel between the upper and lower rolls of the profile bending machine;

  2. Raise the one side roller, and the steel plate clamps the steel plate side roller against the upper and lower rollers to align the sheet material;

  3. The roller of the profile bending machine rotates to bring the steel plate to the front;

  4. The side roller rises to advance the bending direction of the end of the plate, and the end of the plate is in the center line orientation of the upper and lower rolls. e. Measure the curvature of the end portion, which is divided into several times;

  5. Adjust the side roller orientation, one side of the roller is bent to the required curvature drop, and the other side roller is adjusted to the plate;

  6. The roller rotates and is rolled.